Searching For Natural Gas Jobs

The search for natural gas jobs is getting tougher each day as gas prices remain low. However, there are still jobs out there. These are just a few of the positions available in the natural gas field.

The natural gas industry is one of just a few extremely important energy production fields in the U.S. Natural gas is a highly flammable energy source for heating and electricity in countless homes and businesses. In fulfilling this massive demand, natural gas suppliers must be large and very capable establishments. And being capable is all about having the right employees.

But what makes a great employee in this field?

Because of its nature, natural gas must be handled with great care and precision. Holding it, supplying it, harvesting it, and moving it all require the utmost of safety through awareness and procedure. This great diversity in the chain of custody of the product also calls for a great number of different job skills and education.

In summary, an inclination to safety coupled with job-specific skills and education are qualities that make a natural gas worker great. So what are some specific jobs within the industry? Read on for a few key industry positions.


Engineers design things. A natural gas engineer may be involved with planning a new line, plotting out a mechanical drilling schedule, or designing facilities and their setups for natural gas processes. Expect to be asked for a masters in engineering. In return, prospective engineers can look for return compensation going into the triple digits depending on specific function and experience.

Sales Manager

A natural gas sales manager is responsible for lobbying and achieving sales in a given area. Potential customers range from individual residents to big companies and big accounts. Candidates for this position can look forward to pay ranging from $45,000 to $80,000 on average. Business management degrees are often required.

Meter Reader

Although many systems are switching to a digital system with wireless reporting abilities, there will always be the need for someone to go out in the field and physically check meters and meter boxes. This position is great for those who like to be constantly on the move, being in different places all the time. Often, a high school degree or G.E.D is enough to gain entry-level employment. Pay ranges from $33,000 to $45,000 annually on average.

These are just three positions in the natural gas field. For more information on other positions in the field, contact a local natural gas supplier. Try a job search for natural gas jobs using the job search form located on the right of the this website. Use keywords such as pipe laborer, measurement technician, service tech, regulation technician, metering technician and gas pipeline jobs. Natural gas prices are slowly and steadily climbing back up and this will encourage gas companies to start drilling and exploring. Be ready for this pick up in gas prices.

The Resume That Gets The Job

Are you confident enough with your resume when you hand it over to recruiters and potential employers? Maybe you should hire a resume writing service or have someone who works in that industry look it over. Make sure they are qualified enough to give a good critique. Asking a doctor to read your resume for an engineering position is just counterproductive. If you need to overhaul your resume or just start from scratch, resume writing services will help you get started.

What Does A Good Resume Get Me?

A resume represents the key to get through that employment door. So it better fit. A good resume tells your future employer that you can add value to their company and that they better hire you first or else their competitors will snatch up your talent. It cannot be passive and has to engage the reader throughout. You can write a resume like a story filled with bullet points that build up your case. Some people do this through a chronological ordering of the resume. The point is to make it so they spend more than 10-15 seconds glancing. So how do you do it? How do you get the right key?

  • Find out what the are proper keywords that employers will search for when looking for someone to fill that position. That means you look at other people’s resumes (preferable ones that were successful) and modify it to fit yours. I am not advocating plagiarism. In the end, you must be able to express the credentials you have written out on that resume during the interview.
  • Learn how to use spell check and grammar checkers. A spelling or grammar mistake is like a zit on your nose. It is visible and anyone who is not staring at it is just being nice.
  • Read your resume and read it out loud. By doing this, you can eliminate a lot of mistakes that a computer will skip over.
  • Order your work history, duties and projects into a story. For example, you can write, in bullet point form, how you managed a small group of people and then with more experience, you were able to manage a larger group of people with positive results. This shows you were able to grow your experience. If you write out a resume where you continued to do with the same things over and over, it is hard for the employer to imagine how the company will grow if you are not able to. Showing your ability to grow is a great way to implant that impression into the employer’s minds.

Finally, all you should think about when writing a resume is how to get that interview, not the job. The job comes a lot later after interviews, background checks and additional interviews. Focus on that.

Leap Into Healthcare As A Medical Assistant

Becoming a physician requires a lot of schooling and many years before you obtain those qualifications. As someone who is in love with the medical field but does not have the time to fulfill those requirements, there is another option. By becoming a medical assistant, you can jump straight into healthcare but without all the years spent in academia. Enrolling in Medical Assisting Schools can start you on this career to becoming a medical assistant.

What are some duties of medical assistants?

Typically, medical assistants will be the first face you meet when you enter the physicians place of practice. They get your medical history, take vital signs and schedule your appointments. There are also more complicated duties such as giving injections and getting blood ready for lab tests.

They are also known to perform the clerical duties such as inputting medical records and have working knowledge of the medical software that the doctor uses.

Language and translation skills will come in very handy in neighborhoods with immigrant populations. Having knowledge of a second language such as Spanish or Russian will improve customer service as well as increase the numbers of patients visiting.

What is the pay?

The average pay for medical assistants ranges from 28k to 30k. Pay can increase substantially as you increase your duties and education.

How much studying does it take?

On the basis level, all that is required is a high school diploma or equivalent. There is on the job training and enrolling in medical assistant school can help with obtaining a job. This is a great foundation for someone who intends to move up in the medical field.

You get to learn a lot from a physician, much like an apprentice from their mentor. Although there are specific medical procedures that you can not perform, your brain will fill up with a lot of useful information simply by working in such an environment.