Best Jobs In A Bad Economy

Running out of ideas on what jobs are the best in this bad economy? You want to think about jobs that will always be in need regardless of the situation. Some of the jobs below require certifications and have educational requirements. In order to take advantage of these jobs, you have to be committed towards improving your educational background.

  • Government Related Jobs – The stimulus bill has put a lot of money into government related jobs. This field should be lucrative in the near future. Apply for positions at
  • Police Officer – Despite the risks involved in law enforcement, the starting salaries are pretty decent. Police Officers and their families get pensions and there is plenty of growth in this position. Salary increases are annual and tend to increase even more after a few years on the job. Very stable work for those in their young 20’s to 30’s.
  • Garbage Collectors – Everyone throws garbage out even in a bad economy. The work here is pretty strenuous and not recommended for those with a weak stomach. Early mornings and late nights are the norm, depending on your shifts.
  • Actuary – If you have a strong background in math, an actuarial position pays a lot. These are the people who calculate risk and uncertainty on such things as insurance and then set the prices. There is a lot of probability and statistic work. You need to be able to pass their professional tests as well.
  • Nursing – The US population is getting older and many will require assistance in their golden years. The demand will continue for many years. The downside is the training and educational requirements. However, most schools are now offering 2 year programs to speed up the process. These programs are very rigorous and will test your heart and mind. Get more information about healthcare degrees before you make the decision to seek a job in the health field.
  • Nursing Educators – Even more important and crucial to this demand in healthcare are the professors and experienced nursing teachers. Nursing is flooded with top competition as everyone applies to the program. Schools are unable to accept everyone because there aren’t enough qualified people to teach the materials. There is lot of stability in this field. In many cases, the pay is lower than being in a hospital or healthcare center. However, many schools are noticing the low supply and have been steadily increasing the pays.

Remember no job is truly safe. Only you can invest in your own skills and prepare for anything that occurs. Get started by requesting degree information for these jobs. Many degrees can now be achieved online and catered around your work or family schedule.

If more schooling is not in your future, you might want to start your own business. Small business opportunities are widely available and are increasing everyday as the economy continues to tank. Go and find out which are the most common ideas and opportunities.