Best Unconventional and Strange Careers

Not sure on what the best careers are in this bad economy? You can try out these following unconventional careers. The demand for these jobs are steady and what’s better is that most people haven’t considered them.

Foreclosure Cleaner also known as “Home Preservation” Specialist is someone who prepares the foreclosed home by emptying it of possessions and repairing it for banks to resell on the housing market. A lot of people are rapidly losing their homes and they can’t pack up everything. This career requires no degrees but requires a lot of manual labor. You might be able to pick up something nice for yourself while on the job.

Dumpster Diving – Not so much a career but rather a way to find goods and sell or use them. It’s very common for stores, restaurants and franchises to throw out perfectly good equipment, food and products. The idea of dumpster diving might put you off, but people are able to make a nice side income from it. It’s time to put your pride aside and think of extra income anywhere you can find it.

Work for yourself – It’s time for you to take that next step into independence.  Self-employment is the right way to go. If you have products or services to offer, and want to get away from the 9 to 5, start setting up your own business. Pick something you are passionate about.

If you are completely clueless on what career path to take, just remember, sex, death and taxes. Nothing more real and recession proof than death, taxes and sex.

Funeral Directors, also known as morticians or undertakers, can be a good career in this economy. People want ceremonies for the dead to transition into the afterlife and even in a bad economy, people want these services. If you have no problems with the idea of being around corpses and are able to show compassion on a daily basis to people who have lost their loves ones, this career might be for you.

Taxes – Auditors are always needed as the population grows and the tax code gets larger. You will be in charge of keeping records in order and making sure people are properly preparing their taxes. Many of these jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, either in accounting or something related.

Phone Sex Operator – Before you giggle and smirk, and think this is a strange career, consider it from a side income standpoint. This is legit work for anyone interested because the job is very time flexible. People need outlets from how bad the economy is going and this is one of the ways. Your identity is hidden and the only skills you need are being able to talk in a sexy and provocative manner. Although some are very sexually oriented, there are also phone calls from lonely people. The pay is determined by long how you can keep them on the line. Women and men are being hired.