Bilingual Customer Service Representatives Jobs

In this bad economy, it is difficult to find a good job. People who know multiple languages will get hired before those who only speak one. This is especially true in jobs where you will be interacting with a wide audience. There is a huge demand from employers looking for bilingual customer service representatives because businesses sell their products to many different kinds of people. They will need people who are capable of resolving problems in a manner which reflects the culture of the individual. In fact these jobs are considered to be fast growth jobs by many employment agencies with an abundance of positions available.

There are several reasons for the availability of bilingual customer service jobs. First of all, the customer service field tends to have high turnover rates. This means that many people take jobs and move on after a short period of time. Of course, many businesses need bilingual workers to help serve customers. This is particularly true in specific areas of the country where large percentages of the population may not speak English.

Education and Training

If you wish to be a bilingual customer service representative, you may be able to find a job with just a high school diploma. Your employer will be able to train you on the job in order to complete your job duties. However, you must have a good to excellent language skills in order to qualify for most jobs. That means that you must be fluent in a language other than English such as Spanish, Arabic or Chinese.

Depending upon the job, you may need to have earned a college degree. In most cases, you will be able to obtain employment with a community college degree. In fact, you may find that there are more customer service representative jobs available for bilingual customer service agents that do have a college degree.

Bilingual Customer Service Representatives Duties

Duties for customer service representatives vary from job to job. However, most of your duties will consist of dealing with customers who may not speak English as a first language. You may take orders for a catalogue company over the phone, work in a call center, or you may work to resolve customer complaints. You may also work in an office scheduling appointments for customers. In some cases, bilingual customer service representatives are called on in order to translate conversations between business management and their customers.

If you are looking for a job, like talking with people, and are fluent in several languages, you may want to consider getting a job as a bilingual customer service representative.