Crane Operator Jobs Dealing With Construction

The usual objective of a crane operator job is primarily to move materials that are very heavy to a specific area. There are a number of industries that these types of jobs are available in, from transportation to construction. There are basically four different types of crane operator jobs.

  • One type of crane operator job is that of an independent contractor. They will usually have their own crane and can work for one or a number of different companies.
  • Another type of crane operator job is an individual who is actually employed by a specific crane service or construction company.
  • There are also crane operator jobs in which the person will act as a consultant or as a supervisor for a specific job or company.
  • The last type of crane operator position is that of a teacher who will prepare others for a career in this field.

Crane Operator Jobs Education and Training

The first thing you would need to qualify for a crane operator position is a high school diploma. You will need to also have classes in English, math, and physics in order to qualify for this job. Once these requirements are met you must successfully complete a crane operator program at either a career or community college. This will then qualify you to become a licensed crane operator. Any individual who seeks this type of position must be properly licensed.

Crane Operator Salaries

The amount you will spend on getting the education and skills needed to become a skilled crane operator pretty much depends on the school you attend. Finding a job in this field will be well worth the investment. This kind of job usually provides a salary of anywhere from $55,000 to $100,000 per year. Tower crane operator jobs command these salaries easily because of the responsibility and skill involved. Operators belonging to a union normally receive a larger salary along with benefits.

Crane Operator Job Benefits

A couple of the benefits that can come with the job are paid vacations, although it is rare that people in these positions receive more than 2 weeks per year, and bonuses, which are usually paid annually. Other benefits that are common in this field include education and training reimbursement, health, life, and disability insurance, company cell phones, profit-sharing, 401k retirement plans, and paid holidays.

Whether you are interested in consulting services, having your own crane operator business or working for an established one, or teaching the trade, these guidelines can help you in obtaining the crane operator job you seek along with giving you some insight as to what you can expect.

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