Drivers Needed for Long Haul Trucking Jobs

Long haul trucking jobs are cargo hauling and driving jobs. Long haul truck drivers transport cargo from one part of the country to another. Although some drivers own their own trucks, the vast majority of long haul truckers drive company-owned trucks.

Although you do not need to complete college in order to work as a long haul trucker, you will need to complete driver training. In fact, you will need to obtain a special type of driver’s license in order to legally drive a large truck. This is because large cargo trucks are difficult to drive. You will need to master specific driving skills in order to operate these big rigs safely. Training for a CDL license can be completed in as little as one month if you are able to participate in a full-time training program. Training programs can cost around a thousand dollars.

Long Haul Trucking Jobs Salary

Long haul truck drivers do not make a great deal of money. Most trucking companies pay long haul drivers by the mile. Because of this payment structure, many drivers spend long hours on the road away from their family. Long haul truck drivers can be away from home for over a week at a time. The average yearly salary for a truck driver is around fifty thousand dollars. Despite the economic downturn, many trucking companies continue to hire new drivers, so there is some job security in this industry.

Truckers also need to be aware of the driving regulations of each state that they drive through. Many states require that truckers weigh their cargo at weigh stations located along the interstate. Additionally, there is often a lower speed limit for trucks. If a truck driver fails to follow these regulations and gets caught, they will need to pay the ticket. The trucking companies make the drivers pay for any tickets. If you get too many tickets and lose your license, you will be out of a job. Despite the irregular hours and relatively low pay, many individuals love their lives as long haul truck drivers. The freedom of the open road and the excitement of travel make the hard work worth it.

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