Find A Great Job In Your Neighborhood

Where Do I Go To Find A Job In My Neighborhood?

If you are pondering this question, you have been mislead. The real question here is, why aren’t you making use of the resources readily available to you? When you were working, you paid your taxes and now you are reaping it’s benefits. I will tell you simply, the free resources in your neighborhood to find employment.

1. Librarylibrary

Libraries have an unlimited amount of free employment resources for you. There is usually a main posting area with neighborhood flyers of people either looking for employment or employment opportunities. If you are unable to find anything useful, post your own advertisement stating your desire to find work. Make sure to add tear-able paper slips with your email address or phone number.

You can also search through their free newspapers with classified job listings. Ask the librarian if they are aware of anyone who might be offering job opportunities. Librarians meet and know a lot of the people who post employment listings. If nothing else, you are networking with the librarian for potential future job opportunities.

2. Universities/Collegescollege

Go to the student career development centers readily available in the colleges and universities. The advisers are usually only available for students but you can always ask a question or check out the job posting boards. Just don’t look out of place. Be courtesy to everyone as some colleges might frown upon non students on campuses. 

3. Town Hallstown-hall

These places are very useful since it’s where the community congregates when there are discussions or community related events. Post your resume up on a bulletin or go to a town hall meetings and network. Spark up discussions on how job hunting is hard work and try to relate to others. Maybe you will find someone who experienced a similar unemployment situation and would be eager to help.

4. Friendsfriends

Talk to your friends about their jobs and what’s available there. Maybe your friend is close to a human resources department manager and knows of job openings before they are posted. This happens a lot since bureaucracy slows down these postings and tends to inform the employees first before they are open to the public.

5. Familyfamily

If you know of any family members who own a store or a company, see if they have open positions available for you. Family members are often willing to go the extra mile to help you find a job. They are usually most aware of your situation and will find job positions more suitable for you.

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