Follow The Stimulus Bill Money For Job Opportunities

obamaFollowing the money is one of the most important things in a bad economy. If you want recession proof jobs and the best future job opportunities, you have to go where the money is going. Based on recent news, you know your taxes are going to large corporations like Citibank with big bail-outs and you’ll never see that portion of money.  However, President Obama signed a stimulus bill estimated at $787 billion dollars that is rumored to establish and create 3.5 million jobs. This portion of the money will be going to stimulus jobs like clean coal technology, military government jobs, health care jobs and energy sector jobs. 

So which states are likely to get these lucrative jobs?

Best Future Job Opportunities in Wyoming

Best Future Job Opportunities in Texas

Best Future Job Opportunities in D.C. and Northern Virginia

Best Future Job Opportunities in Utah

Best Future Job Opportunities in Oklahoma

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