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Even with the uncertainty around us, we know there will be more natural disasters in the future. FEMA job opportunities should be plentiful. There is a growing need for disaster relief. With more government money going into jobs, this field should not be overlooked. Let’s find out some of FEMA’s work opportunities and FEMA gov job duties.

There are people directly involved with insurance claims, repairing the lives of families and food & equipment supplies distribution. In an emergency situation giving out food, shelter and first aid are the most important things.

FEMA Security Guards

Since security is a big problem after a natural disaster, police officers, security guards, inspectors and bodyguards are in demand as well. Security guards are responsible for maintaining the order and making sure there is not any destruction of property and looting of public and private goods. In a natural disaster there is enough chaos to go around. With extra eyes, proper aid can be handed out to those with need. Security guards for FEMA will monitor these handout lines of food and make sure they get delivered.

FEMA Rescuers

Also in demand are search and rescue technician workers that find injured or trapped victims in collapsed buildings and homes.

FEMA relief workers have in their job descriptions, the ability to communicate with the public while being able to maintain and control the dangerous situations. This is not an easy job when people are panicking and wondering where and when the relief is coming.

There are job openings in FEMA call centers where information gets routed and answers the concerns of those in need.

With all the injured and malnourished individuals that are discovered, there is also a large demand for doctors, nurses and those able to set up emergency stations quickly.

The positions requiring more education is civil and construction engineers, surveyors, building inspectors and estimators. Engineers help with rebuilding the area’s infrastructure and making sure water and energy demands will be fully met. Stability of buildings that survived the disasters cannot be overlooked. FEMA building inspectors check if homes and buildings can be safely accessed by people before they are returned to their owners.

With the oil spill in the Gulf, expect FEMA to get involved and have FEMA oil jobs available for those who want to help with the cleanup of the beach and animals.

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Good luck on your FEMA jobs opening search and make sure to write that resume specifically for FEMA.