Getting Started: I Want To Find A Job Now!



7 Steps To Getting That Job Now!

So you keep telling yourself, “I want to find a job now!” But what have done to begin the job process? Things don’t get done on their own until you get started. Alright. You want a new job. What should you do?

1. Get out a piece of paper and a pen. Use your hand to sweep everything on your desk. Do it aggressively! This technique will lift your energy and create an empty work space. Start writing your resume. If you are reading this article from work, wait til you get home to start step one. I don’t think your boss will appreciate your work crap on the floor.

2. The next day, after finishing your resume, re-read your resume and look for any errors or omissions. Then give the resume to multiple trustworthy people who can help you review it. Find someone who is willing to give you constructive criticism, meaning someone who will be unemotionally in your resumes critique. The point is to find the best parts and weakest parts in your resume. You should be fully prepared for this and not feel attacked. Not all criticism is negative and you should be using this criticism as a way to improve your chances at finding work. Only a real friend would tell you the truth.

3. After receiving the criticism, make the corrections. Search for jobs you might be interested in at badeconomyjobs or larger work and job sites like Monster, Indeed or USAJobs. Look into your local neighborhood jobs. Libraries, schools and newspapers typically post new jobs. These 3 steps should take no more time than a week.

4. Create multiple copies of the new resume with all your final changes. Have the resume in many common digital formats like text format, HTML format, Word format and PDF format. This way you can easily submit to the job websites. Find the jobs you are interested in and upload your resumes.

5. This is the part where persistence and a bit of resume spam comes into play. Make sure to apply to at least 3-4 jobs on one night. Everyday thereafter, apply to 3-4 jobs. Make sure you are keeping track of your applications. By the end of two weeks, you should have applied to at least 42 jobs. The math works out to 7 days x 3 resumes a day x 2 weeks = 42 resumes. A resume upload should take no more than 1 hour. That’s 3 hours of job posting work a day.

6. Follow up with email or calls from the earlier job postings if they have not responded. This is where your job tracking journal makes things much easier. Use the journal to help you track job interview dates. Make sure not to schedule interview dates on the same day.

7. Repeat the process til you get the job. Do not get discouraged. This last step is as crucial to the job process as the first step. Good luck!

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