How To Improve Your Job Promotion Chances

Stuck in a job that feels repetitive and everyday you think about quitting but you know there are better opportunities in your job industry. A good solution to your problem is improving job satisfaction and adding more or different responsibilities. A simple way to get started is by asking for a job promotion in your current work.

If you are not sure how to get on the right path towards promotion, here are some tips. As with many things, the more prepared you are, the more confident you will be.

Job Promotion Tips

Research the job position that you are aiming for and study hard to find all the information. Focus on how other people got their job promotions in your company. Find out if the criteria for the promotion was a successful project, coming up with new ideas or simply networking and making connections by being friendly. Although it is unspoken in the workplace, having friends in higher places will get you a promotion as long as you can demonstrate some competency.

Ask your boss how you can improve on your value to the company. Let them do a job evaluation on you so you can really understand how to improve yourself. The more you can prove yourself to be an asset to the company, the better your chances of keeping your job and possibly getting a raise.

Can you list all your accomplishments with the company? During a job promotion interview, you must be able to communicate your contributions and value. Make a very long list so they get completely overwhelmed. Add lots of dollar amounts and numbers where you saved the company money, time and added new clients. Anything that shows you made the business grow will look good in your favor.

Give some new and fresh ideas to your boss and make it so you are the only one capable of getting these ideas completed. The last thing you want is for your boss to steal your ideas so make it relevant to your own personal traits and abilities.

Another way to improve your chances of a job promotion is to find someone who has been in your situation and someone above your current job position. Someone who can offer you advice and be an ally in your promotion will be very valuable.

Try to take on more responsibilities that exceed your job description. Preferably, engage in some tasks that would look good in your request for a job promotion. If you are under qualified for the higher job position, then your goal should be to learn more about that role. Does your company offer free training, workshops and seminars? Sign up for them and make it known that you can be retrained and tackle new duties.

Remember to make friends because as stated earlier, having friends with authority will get your further even if it is not spoken. Give your manager some compliments about how they are running a project and show interest by asking questions.