You Need A New Job – How Do I Start

Looking at recession graphs like the one below might freak you out a bit.

4.4 Million Jobs Lost

4.4 Million jobs were lost in the last 14 months and it looks incredibly bad compared to the 1990 and 2001 recessions. So when will the lines swing upward? I don’t know and I’m willing to bet none of the well paid economic forecasters know either. So are you going to wait around for things to get better or get started now? You need a job now and graphs like this will not change that fact.

Now for that new job. The steps are simple, once you have them written out.

1. Change your mentality about “that” job. Let your pride go. Once you have done that, you will get rid of the barriers you put on yourself. If you get laid off, don’t call the new job, a “survivor job”. It is just as important as your old job even if it lower paying or requires more physical labor. Your mentality about this must change.

2. Send those resumes out. Post your name like a billboard so everybody can see.

3. Don’t wait around for the job interviews and responses to come to you. Be active in your search and make use of your time by networking with friends and family.

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