Growth of Internet Advertising

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, U.S. online ad spending grew about 25 percent through the first three quarters of last year, compared with the same period in 2006. Growth is steady in terms of dollars, though the growth rate is slowing as the size of the pie gets larger.

And there’s room for a lot more growth, analysts say, considering that by most accounts, the Internet accounts for less than 10 percent of all U.S. ad spending but more than 20 percent of the time Americans spend consuming media.

What does this growth mean to you?

It means online marketing has a huge potential for making money. More demand and less supply mean more opportunities. Your previous job occupation or experience does not matter. The job opportunities are in, helping local companies bring their products to the online world. The more experienced you are with online marketing, the sooner you can get a piece of this growth.

The best thing about online marketing is the fact that you can do this at the comfort of your own home. This saves on transportation costs and a car maintenance. However, there will be travel because you have to find your local business contacts. The more businesses you contact, the more your list of clients will grow.

I don’t need experience for this job?

You don’t need any experience because everything is very basic to start. All the information is freely distributed online. Well, you might be thinking, “if this is so easy why isn’t everyone doing it?” That’s because not everyone is committed to doing it. Most start for a day or maybe a week and then give up. If you started a business for one week and didn’t see any customers, would you give up? The key is dedication and constant marketing.

Is this better than starting a store business?

Absolutely! There should be no discussion about this because it’s so simple. You don’t need to rent any office space, which means, no pricey overhead fees. Another thing to consider is targeted marketing. The internet allows for a larger market and more precise marketing. With a store, you need to send out flyers, advertise in newspapers or take out a radio or TV advertisement. And you still don’t know who will see or hear it. This means more money out of your pocket.

By the way, that article was dated February 2008 and lots of others have gotten started. When a field is in huge demand and has lots of growth, you have to get in before it’s saturated. Why do you think Google is so rich? It’s because of online marketing.

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