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What do Hotel Desk Clerks do?

Hotel Desk Clerks greet, register, and assign rooms to guests of hotels or motels. They verify customers’ credit, and establish how the customer will pay for the accommodation. Keep records of room availability and guests’ accounts, manually or using computers. They write bills, collect payments, and do cashier work for guests.

Perform simple bookkeeping activities, such as balancing cash accounts. Issue room keys and escort instructions to bellhops. Review accounts and charges with guests during the check out process. Post charges, such those for rooms, food, liquor, or telephone calls, to ledgers manually, or by using computers.

Transmit and receive messages, using telephones or telephone switchboards. Contact housekeeping or maintenance staff when guests report problems. Make and confirm reservations.Answer inquiries pertaining to hotel services, registration of guests, and shopping, dining,entertainment, and travel directions. Record guest comments or complaints, referring customers to managers as necessary.

Advise housekeeping staff when rooms have been vacated and are ready for cleaning. Arrange tours, taxis, and restaurants for customers. Deposit guests’ valuables in hotel safes or safe-deposit boxes. Date-stamp, sort, and rack incoming mail and messages.

What do Home Health Aides do?

Home health aides, sometimes known as caregivers, help in changing dressings. Perform a variety of duties as requested by client, such as obtaining household supplies and running errands. Accompany clients to doctors’ offices and on other trips outside the home, providing transportation, assistance and companionship. Administer prescribed oral medications under written direction of physician or as directed by home care nurse and certified nurses aides.

Care for children who are disabled or who have sick or disabled parents. Massage patients and apply preparations and treatments, such as liniment, alcohol rubs, and heat-lamp stimulation. Maintain records of patient care, condition, progress, and problems in order to report and discuss observations with a supervisor or case manager. Provide patients with help moving in and out of beds, baths, wheelchairs or automobiles, and with dressing and grooming.

Provide patients and families with emotional support and instruction in areas such as infant care, preparing healthy meals, independent living, and adaptation to disability or illness. Change bed linens, wash and iron patients’ laundry, and clean patients’ quarters. Entertain, converse with, or read aloud to patients to keep them mentally healthy and alert.

Plan, purchase, prepare, and serve meals to patients and other family members, according to prescribed diets. Direct patients in simple prescribed exercises and in the use of braces or artificial limbs. Check patients’ pulse, temperature and respiration. Learn more about caregiver jobs and find the best caregiver job advice.

What do Parking Lot Attendants do?

Parking lot attendants take numbered tags from customers, locate vehicles, and deliver vehicles, or provide customers with instructions for locating vehicles. Keep parking areas clean and orderly to ensure that space usage is maximized. Direct motorists to parking areas or parking spaces, using hand signals or flashlights as necessary. Patrol parking areas in order to prevent vehicle damage and vehicle or property thefts.

Park and retrieve automobiles for customers in parking lots, storage garages, or new car lots.Greet customers and open their car doors. Calculate parking charges, and collect fees from customers. Issue ticket stubs, or place numbered tags on windshields, and give customers matching tags for locating parked vehicles. Lift, position, and remove barricades in order to open or close parking areas. Inspect vehicles in order to detect any damage.

Review motorists’ identification before allowing them to enter parking facilities. Escort customers to their vehicles in order to ensure their safety. Service vehicles with gas, oil, and water. Perform maintenance on cars in storage in order to protect tires, batteries, and exteriors from deterioration.

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