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What do Verizon FiOS Workers do?

The Verizon FiOS Worker job description is similar to the duties of a Cable Worker except the technology here is FiOS. The FiOS installer duties include connecting a fiber connection to a house. Mount a small box on the side of the house or near a telephone box line. Cable will be run from the adjacent telephone pole to the new FiOS box.

Verizon Job Description

You are responsible for discussing the FiOS installation with the customer and asking if they want to upgrade to the TV service. You will run cable through out the house in the most efficient way. Installation of receiver to TV and other room that need servicing. After installation, you will discuss how FiOS works and demo the Interactive Media Guide, VOD, widgets, help guides and remote functionality.

Denny’s Cashier Jobs

Much of the Denny’s cashier job is outlined in the Cashier job description You are also called the Denny’s Host or Hostess. Your role is to greet the customers and provide them a great experience from when they enter the door til when they exit. Your duties involve talking with the customers, providing seating, menu suggestions, light cleaning duties and helping with beverages. You are also the cashier and are the final quality control of the guests experience before they leave the restaurant.

Hooter’s Cashier Jobs

Contrary to most beliefs, Hooter’s girls don’t need to all have well endowed chest to work at their restaurants. What is required, is a vibrant and perky attitude. The Hooter’s cashier job is less strict on these requirements. Read up more on Hooter’s cashier job description.

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