Job Searching Resources for Full Time and Part Time Work

With the unlimited resources on the internet for job employment, it should be easy to find a job. But there’s just too much information for one person to handle. Here are three popular sites to get you started on your job searching.


If you are looking for a full-time and part-time hourly job site, Snag A Job is a great place to start. Jobs are available in customer service, management, healthcare and retail. Some companies include Burger King, Verizon Wireless, GoodYear, AMC theatres, and Boston Market.

Find a job that fits your schedule at SnagAJob

I understand it’s important to get flexible hours when you have a family or other responsibilities. SnagAjob is perfect for anyone looking for employment with that flexibility. It is free to sign up. You create a profile and then employers will search and contact you through email. You can even bookmark your job searches and return to them later. People of all ages, teenagers, retirees, and young adults can apply and search for jobs. This is also a great site for those looking for summer employment. Get started by entering your zipcode.


If you’re mainly into freelance work and tend to work at home, you can advertise your skills at oDesk. You can choose from work such as web/logo design, programming, photography and video, and writing and editing. Projects will be mailed to you and you can decide if the prices are worth the work. Not only is oDesk a good place to look for work, you can also find able minded individuals who can complete your projects.


If you’re looking for large number of job postings, then Monster is for you. There are over 200,000 job postings available for you to choose. There are over 15,000 national, general, local, and regional niche sites which are used by well qualified candidates specific to every industry and geographic location in the United States and Canada. Monster has job postings ranging from technology to hospitality. You can also sort the jobs by geographical location rather than niche. It is also free to sign up. Create your account, post your resume and submit to job postings.

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