Maintain Your Health In Bad Economy

It is easy to lose sight of the big picture when everything around you is failing. It is important to keep focus and know that your health and your family are usually the things you hold dear. Here are some tips to maintain your health and avoid getting stressed out.

1. Stop watching the news and the changes in the Stock Market. Most people are not in the market for short term gains, unless you are a day trader. Keep focused on the long term gains and stick to well managed companies. Remember to diversify your portfolio.

stress-economy2. Enjoy nature. It’s free and some extra sun will help boost your mood up.

3. Organize your bills and payments. No need to add more stress by missing deadlines. Write down the dates when bills are due.

4. Cook your own food. You will know exactly what goes in your food. Sometimes it’s cheaper to make your own food. I know I tend to eat more when I make my own food. As longĀ  as you keep some leftovers for lunch, you won’t have to spend money on another meal.

5. If you have friends or family that you can talk to during this period of financial turmoil, please do so. Relationships can easily be ruined by money and it’s important to let others know how you feel. Don’t put all the financial burden on yourself. It is also a good way to create social networks.

6. Be happy! Smile every day. You have your health. Remember that.