Myth Of The Dead End Job

dead-end-signDon’t believe the hype. The numbers are lying. The media is causing you to panic. The dead end job myth must die right now.


What is a dead end job?

A job that leaves you completely helpless and trapped with no foreseeable future. Does that describe how your job is controlling your life? Some people might have obligations and responsibilities like family or someone close to them who needs support and so they feel this is the path they must continue to lead in order to provide. Giving up your soul for someone else’s well-being is commendable but optional. I just want to make it clear. You have OPTIONS! 

You can go back to school to increase your job skills and improve your future earnings but school might not be for everyone.

Change your mindset within your dead end job. Are you taking advantage of everything the job has to offer? Sometimes a job can feel like a dead end if you already have low expectations from the job. Can you obtain any more skills with the resources available to you? Maybe there is something you can do to increase your productivity or talk to your boss about new opportunities.

Find out what jobs you are interested in before taking the exit. If you like being out in nature, take up a volunteer position to clean up the park. Network with the park ranger and see if they can lead you in the right direction. 

Explore your options by doing research. Check out which states offer the jobs you seek. Make sure to figure out the average living wages and if there is stimulus money going into that state.

Most importantly, don’t feel trapped by your job. Having good mental health will reflect well in all aspects of your life. Once you lose that helplessness and regain control, you will notice your behavior change towards your family, friends and strangers.