Package Handler Job Positions

Package handlers perform a variety of responsibilities related to sorting, addressing and prepare packages for delivery. Package handler jobs are found in a variety of industries including warehousing, retail, express delivery services and the post office. They handle packages of all sizes and shapes, and prepare them to be delivered to different customers.

Although technology has cut back on the need to deliver some items, it’s also increased the ability to allow customers to find a variety of products and have them shipped to them all over the world, rather than leave the comfort of their office or home to purchase items. Job stability in this industry is good, especially for package handlers who have knowledge of computers and the use of electronic inventory, sorting and shipping technologies. Most employers require only a high school diploma for this occupation and require candidates undergo a criminal background check.


In many cases, flexible jobs are available in package handling. Many large companies that provide a variety of delivery services handle packages 24 hours a day, so package handlers can work a variety of shifts on a part-time basis. Because these large companies offer guarantees to deliver packages on time as requested by the customer, the facilities may also offer full-time jobs to ensure all packages are ready to be shipped to customers by its drivers. The process to ensure timely delivery of packages is very streamlined behind the scenes, especially for large companies that offer delivery services. You often see UPS jobs, Fed Ex jobs and others posted on the Internet, in local newspapers and at job fairs. These large organizations consistently recruit package handlers and many of these organizations offer opportunities for advancement to a driver or another higher-level position after at least six months of good performance as a package handler.

Good Job Wages

Although package handler jobs are entry-level, wages are higher than many other entry-level positions because of the dedication required for the job. According to PayScale, popular employers, such as UPS jobs and Fed Ex jobs pay entry-level wages ranging from $10.65 to $12.03 per hour. Many employers also offer overtime wages and bonuses based on performance. With experience and increasing responsibilities, hourly wages can range from $12 to $21 per hour. Fedex tends to pay their employees better wages and with sooner benefits.