Jobs That Make Money

If an individual is not well educated, it is hard to find a job in one of the highest paid professions such as medicine, law, or information technology. But there are jobs that make money as long as you can maintain an online presence. They can all make you money relatively easy.

However, there are four proven work at home jobs that over the years have made workers substantial amounts of money. These are all jobs that make money and have the potential to be long term jobs with excellent pay and strong potential for growth. They include carpet cleaning services, data entry jobs, call center operators, and junk hauling services.

Carpet Cleaning Services

This is a job that requires no college education. A person can simply build an online presence with a strong website and start advertising in his community to individuals who’re seeking this very popular service. The fees collected for carpet cleaning and maintenance start at $75 per room to over $600 for the whole house. Only simple equipment is necessary to begin.

Data Entry Jobs

This is an easy online job to obtain and perform. Many companies hire data entry home workers for between $8-$12 to start. Opportunities for significant advancement exist as a data clerk can easily build his client base when he is ready to add more work to his schedule. High school graduates can do this work. If you prefer writing to data entry, consider signing up for a writing service that can teach you how to earn money online just by writing.

Call Centers

Call center operators can work out of their home when they are connected to the Internet. Online companies enjoy outsourcing their work staff this way as it saves them a lot of money in paying benefits. People work as freelancers. Starting pay is between $10-$13 per hour depending on experience. No college is necessary to do well here. Find out more about what do call centers do.

Junk Haulers

It’s very easy to advertise online for this lucrative type of work. Junk haulers use their own truck and crew to remove unwanted items, large and small, from private homes and offices. Their fees depend on the amount of junk and how far they have to travel to reach the client. In a good day, they can earn $300 or more with several clients.

All these jobs are versatile enough to work well in any economy. Plus, they are all easy to get started with.

Gemologists Jobs

Gemologists’ jobs are available in the areas of selling gem stones and jewelry to customers, assist with appraising gem stone quality and help with purchasing gemstones within the United States for creating beautiful jewelry settings. Some examples of these job positions include a gemstone sorter or grader who specializes in the import from other countries. With certain gemstones being mined in other countries but there being a demand for high quality gemstones that are not always available in the United States, it is important to have someone who is knowledgeable in the characteristics of gemstones that people look for. Sorters or graders also need to be informed in the amount people are willing to pay for these specific gemstones and what characteristics increase or decrease these amounts. This helps to establish a pay scale that is set in place to determine the amount paid to miners in other countries to have the gemstones imported to the United States.

Different Job Positions of Gemologists

There are actually many different job positions available that are considered to be gemologists’ jobs. As mentioned above, this includes Diamond Graders and Gemstone Sorters used for importing. However, it also includes other job positions like jewelry stores salespeople, a jewelry store appraiser, manager in the area of jewelry store sales and appraising, an independent gemstone appraiser and wholesale and import sales people. These positions have a variety of needed skill and knowledge levels ranging from entry level gemologist basic skills to earning a gemology degree from specialized training courses from a variety of gemology schools. Gemologists however, do not ever stop gaining knowledge in the area of gemstones as they are continuously learning new and exciting facts on the large variety of stones that are always being mined.

Begin to search for some gemologist job listings.

Gemologist Schooling and Salaries

There are many programs both online and specializes schools that offer gemology programs that can help someone gain the necessary training and skills needed to be successful in a variety of gemologists jobs. With courses designed to teach a student the difference in gemstones, the characteristics of specified stones, the appraisal values for certain stones and the areas of the world gemstones can be located. The costs to earn your degree through one of these specialized training courses can range from $7500 to $14,000 depending on the area of the school, the courses that are offered and the degree level that is desired. These costs are a small investment when the gemologist’s jobs that a person with a degree can obtain have a salary range of $22,000 to well over $80,000 per year.

Controlling Your Out of a Job Situation

Why are you wasting time thinking and trying to force things that are out of your control? Following the news and hearing about how many unemployed people there are is surely depressing if you are out of a job. But as long as you stick to daily activities that are guaranteed to land you that job, you can ignore the rest of the world. Start to focus on yourself.

So You Are Out of a Job, What’s Next?

Things That Are Out Of Your Control

  • Getting an Interview – If you have exhausted all your means of getting an interview at that company, it is likely not your fault if you cannot get that interview. Maybe they are just not hiring someone like you or all the slots are taken. Move on and know that you tried your best.
  • Callbacks – Do not sit on your couch and let time pass. Even if you aced that interview, keep all your job options open. Do not rely on that phone callback.
  • Expecting a High Salary – There are new graduates that will do work for peanuts and if you are not willing to take a pay cut in order to get some stable employment, then you might be unemployed for a long time.
  • The Economy – The worse thing to do is to hope things get better and wait out the economy.
  • Unemployment Checks – If you have been getting unemployment, you will know about the 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Once that runs out, you are on your own financially. You cannot rely on extended benefits because Congress works on a different set of priorities and those priorities are not you.

Stop creating goals that are out of your control. You are out of a job and the best thing you can do in this situation is to get active on realistic goals. Jobs in this bad economy will not land on your feet. It takes a lot of work to get the right job or any job for that matter. Here are a few things you can do.

Things You Can Control

  • Creating a list of daily tasks to accomplish. Make sure those tasks can be fully completed within 24 hours.
  • You have to optimize your resume and make it specific to the job positions.
  • You have to send your resume out to people who will look at it.
  • You have to network and create social relationships. As long as you keep your name in someone’s mind, they will remember you the next time there is a job opening.
  • Get more education and training if you decide to go towards another path.
  • Focus on building your own sense of self-worth. Stop looking at being unemployed as a failure in life.

You do not know how the economy or job market will be tomorrow but you can surely improve on your marketable job skills as you continue on your job search. Do the work and you will see the results.