Baby Boomers Retiring Means More UPS Jobs

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that currently, 1 in 3 people in the workplace is over 50 years old. There are estimates that say by 2018, 5 million to 5.7 million jobs will be open to the public because of baby boomers retiring*. The packaging and shipping company, United Parcel Service (UPS), estimates in the next 5 years, they will have 25000 jobs that need to be filled.

If you are not sure if these jobs are for you, read the UPS worker job description.

UPS Hires Ex Offenders

There are jobs available in the UPS warehouses that ex offenders can apply for. For the UPS drivers, they can expect an average salary of $70,000. Training involves passing a high-tech training test to improve their productivity. There will be plenty of heavy lifting so be prepared for these duties.

Free Education and Training for the Unemployed

Companies are ready to train for the future applicants. They have been offering educational vouchers that can be redeemed for free training. Microsoft has a program called “Elevate America” to provide free technology training and certification.

This new Web site helps individuals understand what types of technical skills they need for the jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities of today and tomorrow, and resources to help acquire these skills. The Web site provides access to several Microsoft online training programs, including how to use the Internet, send e-mail and create a résumé, as well as more advanced programs on using specific Microsoft applications.

Check here for states that are offering the free education and training.
Microsoft Participating States

Workforce Training For The Unemployed

Workforce training is available for the unemployed all across the states. If you have resume questions or need help making career choices, you can visit these centers and all the information is available to you for free. Career resource centers will walk you through, step by step, from job preparation to maintaining the skills required for that new job.

Being unemployed does not mean you stop trying. Advance yourself until the job offers start coming in and maybe you will be able to elevate yourself towards a higher salary.

Healthcare Bill Jobs

Thousands of new healthcare bill jobs are expected to surface shortly before the new healthcare bill takes effect. Offering medical care to all, this bill will allow thousands of Americans who forgo necessary medical treatment to receive the care they need. In order to meet the demands of more patients needing care, healthcare bill jobs will require more workers. Considering the many patients who will require care, there are several healthcare bill jobs expected to increase:

  • Doctors – The need for physicians is expected to rise greatly. All specialties will be needed, but family and emergency room doctors are the two types expected to grow the most. Doctors must complete 2-4 years of pre-med college followed by 4 years of medical school and a residency period where they work and practice their skills.
  • Nurses – Nurses will be required to assist new patients entering hospitals and emergency rooms. There are several different types of nursing degrees. The LPN certificate is a 1-year program and the RN license requires an Associate’s degree which requires two years of study. While those who have a Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree in nursing will be valuable, the need for RNs and certified nursing aides is expected to rise the most. Many hospitals discontinue LPNs today – these nurses are mostly employed by nursing homes.
  • Medical Assistant – Not only will hospitals see more traffic, but also private physician offices will see more patients. Medical assistants help the doctor by greeting patients, taking their vital signs, drawing blood, giving shots and performing various other duties as well. Some Medical assistants are also responsible for clerical work in the physician’s office. Earning a Medical Assistant Associate degree will require about 2 years of full-time study.
  • Medical Billing & Coding – Since more people will be visiting the doctor or hospital, the need for sending out additional bills will be presented. In order to meet the demand, more medical billing and coding specialists will be needed. Becoming a medical billing or coding specialist requires about 6-12 months of training, often offered conveniently online.
  • Pharmacy Technician – Many hospital, insurance and private pharmacies will see a large influx of prescriptions being ordered. More pharmacy technicians will be needed to help fill the orders. This is a position that requires counting, collecting, packaging and double-checking pills and medications to distribute to patients. To earn a degree in Pharmacy Technology, students must complete a certificate or Associate’s degree program.

Changing Careers Because of Healthcare Bill Jobs

With a healthcare growth in jobs, a change in career to the healthcare industry provides stability and long term demand. However, these salaries might not be as high as you would like. Only in stable careers that require higher education are the salaries in the 60k. Most other in demand healthcare jobs will be in the 20-30k range and this is after some minimum education requirements. Do not put yourself into a situation where you will own debt after training and not have a job that is capable of repaying the loans.

If you are already in an industry such as manufacturing and your pay is above this amount, it might not be wise to consider this career change.