Best Small Business Opportunities

Entrepreneurs face the difficult decision of choosing a new business to start their dream or ideas. When making this decision, one must consider skills and experience. But most importantly, does this new business spark their passion? Other things to consider are, is this a work at home business opportunity? Here are a few of the best small business opportunities for anyone thinking about working for themselves.


Teaching someone online is also called E-learning. Many people chose to teach the basics of business online and develop resources on the internet for their employees. Businesses publish guides to assist employees in understanding the company’s software. You can provide these services by creating the content for the businesses.

Home Improvement Services

Home Improvement Services: During the economic downturn, more and more people are remaining in their homes rather than buying new ones. That means that many of these homeowners are putting their money instead into home repairs. These businesses include gutter cleaning and replacement, remodeling, building additions, fencing, lawn maintenance, and many others.

Direct Sales

Direct Sales: Direct selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location. According to a survey by the Direct Selling Association, 74 percent of Americans have purchased goods or services through direct sales. Direct selling is a growing industry; sales in the U.S. have more than doubled in the last decade to more than $30 billion.

Management Consulting

Management Consulting: Management consultants help organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement.

Public Relations Consultant

Public Relations Consultant: The greatest job responsibility of a public relations consultant is to make his or her clients as well known and positively viewed as possible. In today’s economic climate, PR consultants are often being called on to help companies develop their businesses and marketing strategies.

On Site Computer Service

On-Site Computer Service: With the proliferation of computers in homes and small businesses, combined with their increasing complexity, the market for computer services continues to grow. Opportunities exist in serving business and consumer clients on-site with their repair, upgrade, and networking needs.

Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization: Companies outsource to professionals to bring them to the top of the list for search engines like Google or Bing search. Some of the skills required to profit in this business are the ability to create keyword lists and knowledge of html coding. Get further information on making money at home with online marketing.

Improve Your Online Reputation for that Job Interview

online-reputationAfter applying for a job, the next step in getting that interview is to get filtered by the screeners. The screeners are people who examine prospective job applicants after their resumes have made it through the automated keyword filtering system done by a computer. In order to get to that final important step, the job interview, you need to make it through the screeners. These screeners, however, search the internet for your online reputation and create an online portfolio for you.

They are involved with reducing the applicants to a reasonable, more manageable level. They comb through the remaining resumes, looking for anomalies and discrepancies in each job application, or any indication that the prospective employee would be a poor fit for the company. Even if your resume is perfectly tailored to make it past the filtering system, the screeners can stop your application dead in its tracks based on what they find out about you, which is why your online profile is so important.

Many screeners now look online to learn more about prospective employees. The impression they get from your online profile can affect your chances of being hired. If your resume lists extensive experience with internet marketing but they find a forum posting you made only six months ago asking how to advertise your website, they’ll probably conclude that you’re exaggerating your experience level or putting your whole resume into doubt. Or if they see disturbing and/or inflammatory material that they think you have written, they may decide to pass you over for an interview, no matter how well your resume reads or how long ago you wrote those things. No one’s proud of everything they ever did in high school or college, but those who have grown up in the post-Internet era will see things follow them that they’d rather forget about, something the older generations rarely had to contend with.

Before you apply for a job, take a good look at your online reputation and profile. Do a little sleuthing and imagine where the company might first go to look for information. If your online profile is possibly going to prevent you from being hired, take some steps to clean up your reputation. Remove questionable material from the internet and from search engines. Use professional email addresses with your name and not some cartoon character. Make sure your online identities are truly anonymous and are not linked to your real name.

Be proactive in your online reputation repair. Develop newer and better online profiles for yourself. Participate in forums relating to your job and write replies that can demonstrate your abilities. Create your own resume blog and make it rank on the search engines for your name. The more results you can dominate on the search engines, the less likely they will find your older, potentially damaging information. Companies may have the resources to find information about you, but you also have the ability to make changes.

Perfect Resume For Employment

A resume will make or break your employment status yet many people fail to put their best efforts towards a perfect resume. A resume that best reflects your personality, skills and goals, increases your chances in landing your dream job. The better your resume, the better your job offers get. You will see a gain in interviews being set up and increases in salaries.

Job recruiters see hundreds of resumes for every position they advertise. There is plenty of competition and you have to make yourself stand out. By writing an attention grabbing objective that fits their exact need, you improve your chances for an interview. Make sure your resume includes your strengths, skills and background. Any experience that makes you an asset to their company is an absolute must for any resume. Make yourself fit in their company by filling their needs. In order to get the best picture of what they require, read as much as you can about the company. Put more emphasis on their quarterly goals, whether it is monetary or finishing a project.

Write your resume like you are creating a resume advertisement. It is a way to market yourself to the masses and like an ad, it should keep the viewer focused and interested. Create visual imagery by including percentages and numbers to mix up the monotony of words. Use bullet points when you list out your skills. Remember to supplement your resume by creating a resume blog, put an advertisement on Facebook or if your job is related to design, create a resume with images.