Free Job Postings For Recruiters

Searching for a qualified employee is never an easy task even in an economy where there is a larger supply of workers than jobs available. As a recruiter, you want your jobs seen by as many people as possible. The problem with multiple job postings is the cost. The more jobs you post at each website, the more you have to pay for their services. You want a solution that offers free job posting distribution service. This is where some creativity, social networks and doing some reciprocal linking to websites will help out.

Free Job Postings At Social Networks

Social networks have huge audiences even if they are not targeted. A good way to make sure you have the right audiences is to get a list of followers that are looking for jobs. Posting job ads in Facebook might be one way to get some attention. Another way is to create a contest where the winning entries get the job positions. As unconventional as it might sound, companies have already gone to Youtube to implement these contest employment strategies. Using websites like LinkedIn can also build a list of qualified employees.

For job seekers, you can create your profile and allow recruiters to see your skills and resume. You can upload your resume to the site. If you add a resume, that will help the recruiters see your previous employment and job experience. The more detailed your profiles are, the better the recruiters can assess if you are qualified for their positions. Learn more about posting a resume at Facebook.

Reciprocal Linking

Contact websites that are related to your employment niche and offer to write an article or give a reciprocal link in exchange for a chance to post your available job positions. This option does not always work but it is free and requires minimal work on your end.

Outsourcing for Recruiters

To get your work outsourced to reliable workers, consider oDesk, a place where you can hire, manage and pay a work team without having their presence in your office. Make offers and watch as contractors show you their profiles and qualifications. Pick the one that suits your own needs at the most affordable prices. Read more about outsourcing to improve your productivity.

Jobs in Greenville South Carolina

Greenville South Carolina is one of the growing cities in South Carolina with a wide industry involved with the future. With an emphasis in green jobs and manufacturing the products of the future such as solar panels and wind products.

CNC Machinist Jobs in Greenville SC

There are also machinist jobs that are involved with cutting metals, etching designs out of hard and soft materials, and using oxy-fuel or waterjet propellants, lasers, and plasma cutters. Average incomes of a cnc machinist workers is 41k.

Construction Jobs in Greenville SC

Previously, we talked about the growing green jobs in Greenville and these jobs will be mainly in the construction of energy related materials. Solar panel installation, wind turbines and hydraulic pumps are just a few of the items that will need to be produced.

Get to know Greenville

Before you accept a job position, you want to feel comfortable knowing the area is safe and comfortable. Additionally, you want to learn about the events, attractions and resources, a city have to offer. Greenville HD is a video directory of Greenville South Carolina that allows you to visit Greenville, SC without leaving the comfort of your home. Instead of reading about Greenville, get high definition video interviews from the perspective of people who work and live in this 795 square mile community. Get the real stories and views in a way that no other websites provide.

HD videos are broken down in categories such as Arts and Entertainment, Dining, Events, Health and Wellness, Jobs and Careers, Shopping and Real Estate.

  • Real Estate – Need a place to live if you decide to take that job? Visit the real estate section and see the businesses that provide housing options all around Greenville, SC.
  • Events – Think you will feel bored if you move to Greenville? Just check out the events section and you will notice there is a free weekly music series called Main Street Jazz held every Friday night in downtown Greenville, SC.
  • Jobs and Careers – Did you know that BMW has a big manufacturing plant in the upstate region of South Carolina? More than 7000 jobs have been created since 1994 and automotive suppliers have invested more than three billion dollars to the area. If you are looking for Greenville SC jobs listings, be prepared for job possibilities in many industries ranging from manufacturing, automotive, aviation, advanced materials, biopharmaceutical products, engineering, metalworking, computer hardware and call centers.

Even as Greenville resident, there are many behind the scenes videos that may open your eyes about the future of Greenville like the Greenways Master Plan. The plan’s goal is to build a network of trails and pathways in Greenville County, SC. People will have places to walk, ride a bicycle and have the option to leave their vehicles behind.

The best way to find out if a city fits your style is by getting to know the locals. Experience the beauty and local lifestyle of Greenville in full screen, high definition (HD) video. Discover more of the job opportunities in Greenville, South Carolina by visiting Greenville HD.

– This post was sponsored by Greenville HD. GreenvilleHD is an all video website for Greenville South Carolina. The site offers 19 channels on everything from business and education to charities and local events.

Start Your Own Business From Home

This is a great time to start your own business because people are out of work and looking for someone to hire them. Why not do the hiring and do it out from your own home. When you start your own business from home, you remove overhead charges and can claim deductions as a home business. discusses some of the top 25 Home-Based Business Ideas.

Personal trainer: If you are fitness-minded, you can start your own business as a personal trainer, visiting clients in their homes.

I think this is a great if you are already in shape and want to create a name for yourself. You should be certified in personal training.

Yoga instructor: You don’t need a studio to teach yoga; just like a personal trainer, you can visit clients at their homes or offices.

Just like the personal trainer business from home, a yoga instructor will need to be certified. Yoga has definitely gone mainstream.

Tutoring: You can start a business tutoring students in their homes, at schools, or at local YMCAs or other child-care organizations. Talk to your local school district officials and school principals to determine their needs.

I made some good money tutoring high school students preparing for their SAT’s. Parents are willing to pay if you can get another parent to recommend you. Networking will definitely get your more clients.

Consulting: If you are an expert in a specific industry, such as finance, marketing, or mediation, consider beginning your own consulting business.

Use your industry specific skills to help big business. This is quite profitable but requires a foot in the door. There is a lot of trust involved in hiring.

Medical and legal transcription: If you have transcription skills and the necessary equipment, you can easily work from home for a variety of different companies. Check local community colleges or search online for transcription training courses.

Medical transcription does require training but once you get the hang of it, you will work comfortably from your home.

Web design: If you can design quality Web sites, consider turning your skills into a home-based business. Because this industry is constantly changing, good Web designers are always in demand.

Create a website to get your business off the ground. Give out free templates and make it viral. If people like your designs, they will come back to hire you.

Senior care services: The rising number of senior citizens who want to stay in their own homes means big opportunity for nonmedical home care providers, who help seniors with tasks of daily living.

This is similar to caregiver jobs where you take care of someone who unable to perform all of their daily functions by themselves. The senior citizen population will only rise and so the demand is definitely there. Trust plays a big factor here because you have to show your love for elderly patients to their relatives and children.