Prepare Your Resume For Maximum Efficiency

resume-clipA resume is your advertisement conveying why you should be hired for a job position. A good resume would be able to show you are results goal oriented, able to get things done, well-rounded, adaptable, have strong communication skills and the ability to create excellent work.

To make it even harder, you have to put all this on single sheet of paper. I know most people will argue the single sheet of paper rule but when you think of a resume as an advertisement or a billboard, you will only get a glance. So concentrate on a single paper to grasp someones attention.

Make sure everything is neat and readable. So don’t use fancy fonts and italics. Stick to a similar colors for your resume paper and envelope. Get high grade, bond paper with some weight behind it. Do not crowd all your text together and leave margins. You can easily guess the amount of work involved in creating a resume if it looks amateurish.

Use proper grammar and spell check your resume. Read it out loud to yourself. Record yourself reading it and play back the audio. Give the resume to a friend who will be truthful in suggesting corrections.

Start your sentences with action verbs, such as “Catered a 100 person party for publishing company.” You should have written a list of tasks, accomplishments and duties from your previous occupations or experience. Convert your list into these action verbs.

Don’t forget to target your resume audience. Much like an advertisement, you have to be familiar with the company and the people who will read/glance your resume. Find out what they are about and the company’s mission statement and goals. You have to please them and show you are the preferred candidate for the job position.

If you have gotten this far, there should be a respectable and presentable resume in your hand. Now upload, send it out and post your job advertising everywhere!