Pressured To Find A High Paying Job

It isn’t every day that you look for a job. We all need to work for purpose in life. Being in the right job is one thing. Working a job that pays the bills is another. Being under pressure to find a high paying job requires patience, focus and determination to not give up.

Having Determination

Determination is needed to not give up until you find the right job. Proper job fit is a function of both money and fulfillment. You have to pay the bills but in order to generate maximum earning potential you have to be in a role where you can develop to the best of your abilities.

I was under a lot of pressure because the pay was not high enough. I had to work a part-time job to make ends meet so I looked for another full time job. After two years, the next banking job came to me. A customer of the bank had observed my banking skills and appreciated the way I handled his business. He asked if I was interested in interviewing for a new bank he was opening. The next week I interviewed with 50 other applicants. Twenty of us were hired. My interview went well but I’m convinced that I secured the new job while delivering superior service at my old job.

During the two years of looking for a new job I stayed focus. I knew that I needed a different environment in which to grow. I certainly needed extra money. The pressure was difficult when I couldn’t pay every bill. I kept looking while also working hard at my job. My boss noticed nothing but my new boss saw everything. I could have quit and taken on more part-time jobs.

I stayed patient, trusting my hard work to pay off. Being underpaid for two years was difficult. Looking around wasn’t working but I stayed patient, made the best of my situation and was eventually rewarded.

My original banking job taught me the basics of finances and customer service. My new banking job allowed me to develop financial management skills and build client portfolios. The pay was 30% higher, enabling me to quit my second job and settle down. What motivated me to stay patient, focused and determined was the sense that something better was ahead. I needed it to pay the bills and I wanted it to further my career.

What kind of experiences did you have when you were pressured to find a job? What did you do? and how did you manage to survive it?