Quick Online and Offline Job Opportunities

There are several excellent job opportunities to quickly make money easily both online and offline. Some of the most successful include online writing jobs, taking online surveys, resume writing services, working as a travel agent, and selling quality items on eBay.

Quick Job Opportunities

Online Freelance Writing Jobs

The online freelance jobs of writing copy for various websites and blogs usually require a college education and some experience as a writer. There are exceptions to these common requirements if you can put together a writing portfolio and show the companies your proficiency in writing articles. You can apply to any number of online companies that act as middlemen between the writer and website owner. Pay is usually one to two cents per word, and the average article is about 400 words. Most writers can easily crank out several articles per day. Sign up for a writing service that can teach you how to earn money online just by writing.

Online Surveys

You can also work from home by doing online surveys. No college degree is required. Only about fifteen to twenty minutes per survey for answering dozens of multiple choice questions related to a specific topic is required. Many high paying surveys pay six to eight dollars each. Making $50+ dollars a day is effortless if you are qualified professional. These are good jobs for making money easily. Although, the income is not consistently high, it can be a great side income.

Resume Writers

In this bad economy with so many people looking for work, offering your services as a resume writer is in great demand. A college education is usually required. You can charge anywhere from $89-$350 for a single resume or curriculum vitae. It’s highly profitable work since there are no associated material supplies and costs since the resumes are delivered by email to the paying job seeking client without any paper or mailing fees.

Travel Agent

It is easy to make money as a travel agent. You can do this at home after taking a private correspondence course that only takes two to three months of training. Earnings to start can easily be above the $30,000 per year mark. And even in bad economies, there are enough affluent enough people who always want to travel. Research your travel destinations and be able to market them as dream trips. Build your client list by breaking into foreign language speaking communities. These are usually tight knit relations and will quickly spread by word of mouth if you are a good travel agent.

Clear Your Storage Items by Selling on eBay

Selling your old items on eBay is a terrific way to make big cash fast. It’s an easy website to navigate and sales can come quickly. No college education is needed. You can make anywhere from $25 to thousands on a single product.

So whether you choose to work online or offline, one of these quick job opportunities for money making can be the perfect fit.

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