Start a Blog Resume

resume-blogThere’s no better way to supplement your existing resume than to start a blog. The internet is an excellent resource to advertise your name. Instead of posting a single email address, you can also include a webpage address in your resume.

Benefits In Having A Blog

  • Add on information that will help the interviewer get a better sense of your character.
  • Include your previous projects from past work.
  • If you helped out in the community, post some pictures.
  • Anything that raises your good moral side will be beneficial.
  • You can write a beautiful story instead of the single lines on a resume.
  • Someone might stumble upon your page and offer you a job based on the qualifications you display.

Here are some topics to write about and get you started.

  • Your interests
  • Personal goals
  • Reflecting on prior experiences in the workforce

Keep it Professional

  • No one employing you, needs to read about how much food you ate. (unless it’s related to your work)
  • Do not, under any circumstances, insult your previous employers on the blog. The writings on the blog should be positive and explain how you’ve grown from prior experiences. You may need them for references in the future.

More importantly, have fun and be creative. By doing so, the blog won’t feel like work but rather something you enjoy doing. A place where you can reflect on your thoughts.


Get started by going to Dreamhost for some blogging space.