Savings On Auto Insurance

With the bad economy, every little bit of savings will help. When was the last time you checked for auto insurance rates? If you are spending more than 12-15% of your total income on car insurance, you might need to get some car insurance quotes. Experts suggest spending no more than 15% of your income on insurance. Get at least three auto insurance quotes to gauge how much you should be paying.

Tips To Reduce Car Insurance Premiums

  1. Trade in your expensive sports car for a clunker that works and is reliable. This saves you a lot of money on your auto insurance coverage.
  2. You can pay a lower premium if you do not mind paying more out of pocket expenses when and if a car accident occurs. Get a higher deductible and your costs can decrease as much as 15% to 30%.
  3. Get rid of collision coverage on cars with very low market value. It is not worth the cost to repair a low market value car.