Seeking Jobs But Unmotivated? Follow Your Passion

How about doing what you love? For some, this might be the best time to reflect on your life and take a chance. Think of the recession as a wake up call for the dead end job myth you continue to perpetuate. If you’re unmotivated, forget about seeking a job in your field. It doesn’t sound like you like your field anyway. Instead go towards your passion in life and you’ll be more motivated to pursue a dream. An engineer couldn’t find work in her field and so she followed her passion in hairdressing.

Still, the college-educated professional recently struggled to find an engineering position in the dismal job market. “I decided to get creative and completely shift gears.”

She decided to invest in her talents and make the best of it. Stop being job field specific and learn to be talent specific. Get the jobs that you can use to exploit your talents. Go forward with the intention of gaining a new skillset. She didn’t stay home or stop searching. She got creative and made things work for her.

Unmotivated and No Passion to Work?

Usually when people are unmotivated, it is because there is nothing going on in their lives. The repetitive motions of work are making life boring and purposeless. How can you even know what your passion is, if your brain is not working. Your brain is getting lazy and it needs a spark.

Change your environment

This does not mean you need to move out of your comfort zone but it does mean for you to experience new things. A change in environment can provide a new outlook on your life and give you time to reflect on what you have, rather than what you do not have. If you have been on the same path to work every day, then mix it up. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Say hello to someone you would normally walk past. Ask your employer for a new responsibility, or perhaps a job promotion. Create a list of things you can do differently, everyday, for at least 3-4 months. Do not respond to questions like “What have you been up to lately?” with “You know, same old stuff.” Your goal for the next couple of months is to know what makes each day different from the next. Hopefully this type of psychological and physical action can bring back that motivation and help you find your passion.

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