Solar Energy Jobs For The Future

Face it, solar energy will not go away. The idea of unlimited energy is looming across the minds of everyone in the western world. The demand is growing and this means solar energy products and services will be mass manufactured, opening a huge market of solar jobs. There are several jobs related to solar energy, or energy that is produced by sunlight.

Solar Energy Job Opportunities and Positions

Solar Energy Systems Engineer Jobs

One of the jobs available is a Solar Energy Systems Engineer. This occupation involves the design or supervision of the design of all components of solar energy systems that convert sunlight into electricity. This job also involves using diagrams, maintaining technical specifications, and using computers. This occupation requires a bachelor’s degree or higher. The median salary in 2008 for this job was $88,000 and there is an expected 50,000 job openings until 2018.

Solar Energy Installation Manager Jobs

Another occupation available is a Solar Energy Installation Manager. This duties of this type of work include planning the installation and maintenance of solar energy systems, subcontracting to install the systems, and finding the right sight for installation of the equipment. The median salary for this job in 2008 was $58,000 and there are 242,000 expected job openings until 2018. The education required is a high school diploma, although some technical training or a bachelor’s degree may be required in some cases.

Solar Photovaic Installers Jobs

Solar Photovaic (the component that converts sunlight into energy) Installers are responsible for installing the components of a solar energy system, including any maintenance. The median salary for this occupation was $32,550 in 2008 and there are a projected 26,000 job openings until 2018. This job requires a high school diploma.

Solar Sales Representative and Assessor Jobs

Still another job related to solar energy is a Solar Sales Representative and Assessor. This job helps people who are interested in purchasing a solar energy system determine what equipment meets their needs. This occupation is responsible for generating sales leads, marketing the systems, and having information about various solar energy systems. The median salary for this job in 2008 was $70,200 with a projected growth of 142,000 jobs by 2018. The education recommended is a bachelor’s degree or higher, but many people with this job have a high school diploma.

Solar Thermal Installer and Technician Jobs

The last job is a Solar Thermal Installer and Technician. This job involves installation of components that convert solar energy to heat. This type of system would be used in a swimming pool. Other job duties include system installation, system maintenance, and pipe fitting. The median salary in 2008 was $32,550 with a projected 26,000 job openings by 2018. A high school diploma is needed.

Clearly, there are a wide variety of solar energy jobs available. There are a good number of jobs expected to be available in this industry and many do not require a college education.

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