Stable Careers For Financial Security

With the economy constantly taking plunges and taking a great deal of time to rise back up again, many people are looking for stable careers to ensure their long-term financial security. There are two main industries that are considered to be recession proof: education and health care. These industries have proven to be stable even during times when the rest of the economy was floundering.

Stable Careers in Education

There are a variety of jobs in the field of education. Teachers, administrators, bus drivers, security personnel, and crossing guards are all workers that play an important role in the educational community. Since education will never go away, regardless of how poor the state of the economy becomes, educational careers will always be in existence. The education required of these various positions vary widely. Teachers must have a Bachelors degree and teaching certificate at minimum. The educational requirement of administrators can be anything from a high school diploma to a Masters degree. Bus drivers generally only need a commercial driver’s license. Security personnel and crossing guards typically have no educational requirements.

Stable Careers in Healthcare

The health care field is extremely broad as well. However, these are very stable health care careers. Nurses, doctors, health aides, technicians, and administrators are some of the people that work in the health care field. Registered nurses generally require a minimum of an Associate’s Degree but in order to move up in ranks, you need a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Technicians, usually, only need a vocational certificate. Doctors must have completed medical school, which is a four year program after a Bachelors degree, followed by residency which can be 3-8 years for more specialized programs. The educational requirement of administrators varies from a high school diploma to a Masters degree.

The main point to take away from these stable careers is to follow the institutions and demands that will never go away. Once you find these areas, you must equip yourself with a strong education, in order to maintain your financial security. The better educated you are about your career, the more you will feel secured.