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Resume Rabbit Review

When you first begin your job search, there is the tedious process of posting your resume to every single online job site. Why do we do this? Each job site has different job listings and you want to make sure your resume is available for all employers to see. By increasing your resume presence, you increase your chances of getting a job. The big problem is the time involved in doing so. It could take anywhere from 3 to 4 days of nonstop posting to get this done. That is over 80 hours of resume posting. Instead of spending 80 hours, I can take 5 minutes to post one resume and let Resume Rabbit send it out to 70+ job sites.

It was a 3 step process for me. First step is your basic email and user name registration.


Next step is more detailed and ask for name and address. This is also the time for you to post your text resume and specific which sites you want the resume posted. You can choose part time, full time and intern positions. Make sure to figure out the job position you are seeking so this process can be completely in a very short amount of time.
The final process is the billing. The price is $59.95. They say the resume will be exposed to over 1.5 million employers and recruiters. These are just a few of the job sites where they will post your resume.


The hours I saved by doing this automatically are well worth the $59.95 price tag. I rationalize it by saying I spent less than $1 per site. Resume Rabbit also keeps everything manageable with logins and password. I know I would have hard time tracking passwords and login information. I don’t have to go to every single job site to login and check my status. Resume Rabbit keeps things centralized so I can access their site for everything. Additionally, each time my resume gets posted to a job site, the information is updated. Here is a sample of their centralized resume report each time a resume gets posted.
I submitted a resume 3 days ago and I already have the resume listed on 30 sites. Not to mention the 4 replies in my email. Resume Rabbit