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Networking Your Way To A Stable Career

Networking is the most effective way in obtaining a job or career regardless of your expertise or field. Much like a resume, if you are unable to get your name out there, you will have to work that much harder.

A network can be teachers, friends, families, or a friend of a friend. It can even be a repeat customer who you talk to daily. Caution: This might not be the best thing to do if your current boss is around. The important thing here is to get someone to speak for you or keep on the lookout for job opportunities. The more eyes and ears you have working for you, the better your job search success.

Remember in High School, when you were labelled as a particular person depending on who you hung out with? The Jocks hung out with the cheerleadersCheerleaders and the Geeks hung out with the other Geeks. If you were able to get into a particular group, you would


increase your chances of gaining the benefits of being in that group. This doesn’t change in the “real” world either. If you surround yourself with successful people, you increase your chances of being successful. This not to say that you have to become one of the group members in order to gain their benefits. You just have to speak their common language.

Stable Career Networking Tips

So how will you move forward to your goal of a stable career? Get out there and socialize! But wait, you are an introvert and you get anxious or uncomfortable around large crowds. You find it hard to simply socialize and make career networks with strangers or you don’t like talking about yourself.

I hate small talk because I find them to be time wasters. It is like digging a hole in order to get to the hidden treasure chest with no guarantee of gold. Lots of hard work and you might end up with a dud.

Most introverts will open themselves up in situations where they are very knowledged or comfortable with the discussion. Find other introverts interested in the subjects where you shine.

Go with a friend who will not leave your side during discussions. This way you have someone to reduce the social load and be there in case of awkward pauses. Eventually, you must set a goal to do it on your own. Skipping a networking event because your friend is not going cannot be an excuse.

Set up an environment where everyone gets their turn to speak. Gather professionals, who all have a common passion and desire, together in a useful setting.