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Gemologists Jobs

Gemologists’ jobs are available in the areas of selling gem stones and jewelry to customers, assist with appraising gem stone quality and help with purchasing gemstones within the United States for creating beautiful jewelry settings. Some examples of these job positions include a gemstone sorter or grader who specializes in the import from other countries. With certain gemstones being mined in other countries but there being a demand for high quality gemstones that are not always available in the United States, it is important to have someone who is knowledgeable in the characteristics of gemstones that people look for. Sorters or graders also need to be informed in the amount people are willing to pay for these specific gemstones and what characteristics increase or decrease these amounts. This helps to establish a pay scale that is set in place to determine the amount paid to miners in other countries to have the gemstones imported to the United States.

Different Job Positions of Gemologists

There are actually many different job positions available that are considered to be gemologists’ jobs. As mentioned above, this includes Diamond Graders and Gemstone Sorters used for importing. However, it also includes other job positions like jewelry stores salespeople, a jewelry store appraiser, manager in the area of jewelry store sales and appraising, an independent gemstone appraiser and wholesale and import sales people. These positions have a variety of needed skill and knowledge levels ranging from entry level gemologist basic skills to earning a gemology degree from specialized training courses from a variety of gemology schools. Gemologists however, do not ever stop gaining knowledge in the area of gemstones as they are continuously learning new and exciting facts on the large variety of stones that are always being mined.

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Gemologist Schooling and Salaries

There are many programs both online and specializes schools that offer gemology programs that can help someone gain the necessary training and skills needed to be successful in a variety of gemologists jobs. With courses designed to teach a student the difference in gemstones, the characteristics of specified stones, the appraisal values for certain stones and the areas of the world gemstones can be located. The costs to earn your degree through one of these specialized training courses can range from $7500 to $14,000 depending on the area of the school, the courses that are offered and the degree level that is desired. These costs are a small investment when the gemologist’s jobs that a person with a degree can obtain have a salary range of $22,000 to well over $80,000 per year.