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Code Enforcement Officer Jobs

Code enforcement officers are responsible for enforcing regulations, rules, and laws of a city, county, or state. Sometimes called municipal regulations officers, code enforcement officers have various titles depending on their specialization. These code enforcement officers are different from police officers. Police officers maintain public order, prevent crime, and enforce criminal law. Their job usually falls under law enforcement rather than code enforcement.

Positions involved with code compliance include building inspectors, fire marshals, and health inspectors, among other titles. These officers ensure compliance with civil code. Their jobs impact the welfare of the public, public works, business activity, consumer protection and rights, code building standards, land use, and other municipal matters.

Building Inspectors

Most building, construction, and zoning inspection jobs are within local government jobs systems. Home inspection workers are usually self-employed. These code enforcement officers examine buildings, streets and roads, water and sewer systems, dams and bridges, and other structures, to enforce building codes and standards.

Most jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent. They may also require a state license or certification. According to the United States Department of Labor, the median annual wage for a building inspector is $50,180. Employment is expected to grow by17 percent through 2018, as concern for public safety and quality construction continues to grow.

Fire Inspectors

Fire inspectors visit homes and businesses to ensure compliance with local and state fire codes. Fire investigators interview witnesses and collect evidence to determine the cause of fires. National, state, and local forests and parks may employ special code enforcement officers to watch for and report wildfires.

Most workers in these positions have fire suppression training and experience, in addition to a high school diploma. According to Department of Labor statistics, workers in fire inspection and investigation earn a median annual income of $53,030. Job growth is expected to increase by nine percent through 2018, as the population increases.

Health Inspectors

Health and safety technicians typically work for state and local governments. They enforce rules on safety, health, and environment. They perform inspections, test air quality, design safe work spaces, and complete similar tasks. Many of these code enforcers attend post-secondary school to earn an associate degree or certification. Workers with advanced degrees become health and safety specialists.

According to the nation’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers in this career field earn a median annual salary of $45,360. The federal government projects a 14 percent job growth through 2018, due to the growing public demand for a safe and healthy environment.