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Counterterrorism Jobs – Protecting Our Nation

There are few career opportunities as exciting, meaningful, and patriotic as those in counterterrorism. Counterterrorism experts can be employed by private corporations and local police departments, but primarily work in military intelligence. Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, NSA, and many other government agencies employ counterterrorism agents for varies duties.

The threat of terrorism comes from many arenas. Rogue nations, organized insurgents, and lone wolf operatives all pose risks to our national security. This is not your typical security guard job role. Terrorists come from all parts of the world and have different agendas and ideals. Counterterrorism experts must be poised and ready to deploy offensive tactics.

Counter Terrorism Job Description

Counterterrorism agents work in a variety of places and settings; it is not all cloak-and-dagger spy work. Agents may work in offices analyzing data collected those in the field, they may help local agencies develop emergency protocol, or they may work in drug enforcement, immigration, and other areas that impact the nation’s security.

Those who are appointed as clandestine operatives often find themselves positioned overseas, immersing themselves in their role at the expense of having a life aside from their work. These agents must be extremely resourceful, self-reliant, and be able to work independently under extraordinarily stressful situations.

Job In CounterTerrorism Requirements

To work in counterterrorism, one should have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in international affairs or related subject, be fluent in one or more foreign languages, and be able to pass a battery of physical and psychological examinations. Excellent interpersonal and communication job skills are also required. One must be disciplined, discreet, and dedicated to the cause. Many agents have a military background of some sort.

Additionally, technically-oriented agents may need specific training in any number of areas, ranging from explosives to electronic surveillance. Expertise could be required in the fields of cyber-technology, ciphering/encryption, and even healthcare.

Whether employed by local, state, or government agencies, counterterrorism experts play a vital and needed role in national security. As global tensions increase over religious, political, and economic issues, so will job opportunities in the vital world of counterterrorism.