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Elder Care Jobs

With longevity increasing for both men and women and the advent of baby boomers coming into senior citizenship, jobs in elder care are on the rise. Many of these jobs are nontraditional and don’t involve sitting with the sick or infirm. The elderly these days may need some assistance but do not expect that they are down for the count. Senior care jobs are important because they can lessen the workload for the seniors, help them organize their medications and tasks, reduce physical labor and provide companionship.

Types of Elder Care Jobs

Among the more popular elder care jobs are transportation and personal shopping. Sometimes a senior citizen may need something as simple as a ride to the grocery store or to a doctor’s appointment. If you have more than one client you can work with them to schedule appointments that will be convenient for them as well as for you. This type of family flexible job is ideal for a working mother who needs to be home in the afternoon.

Personal Shopper For the Elderly

Many seniors have a need for a personal shopper. They don’t have the time or the energy to shop for gifts and or personal items for themselves. In addition, groceries can be quite heavy for one person to handle. Even though there is grocery shipping services available, these services will not help the elderly stock the shelves, nor will they provide the maximum benefits of a elderly caregiver. If you like to shop and bargain hunt then grocery shopping for the elderly may be the job for you. Pick one day a week and arm yourself with a list and discount coupons and you can fit the needs of several people into a short period of time.

Other Duties of Elder Care Jobs

Sometimes a client may need to have their mail brought in or their plants watered while they are away. Once again, if you have several clients then you can combine tasks and knock out these simple chores in a morning’s time. The key to success in caring for the elderly is to make sure that they know you are dependable and trustworthy at all times.

Elderly Companion Jobs

Another key job in caring for the elderly is keeping them company. They may need you to drop by and prepare a light supper and sit with them for a while. Make sure ahead of time that the client knows exactly when you will be there and when you will be leaving. It is easy to get yourself wrapped up their lives sometimes and the line between employee and employer is sometimes clouded. You need to set boundaries and let your clients know that this is your job and not your free time.

You may qualify for many of these senior companion jobs without ever having had special training or schooling. However, please do not give medical advice or act in place of a certified nurse or other medical professional unless you have had training in that area. There is a huge difference in taking someone to the doctor and actually diagnosing their condition. Please do not step out of your position because it may endanger the one you are caring for.

If you are looking for a rewarding experience and in making a few extra dollars on the side, then working with the elderly may be the job for you. Contact your local senior citizens center or even a nearby hospital to locate those who might be looking for someone just like you.