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Free Job Postings For Recruiters

Searching for a qualified employee is never an easy task even in an economy where there is a larger supply of workers than jobs available. As a recruiter, you want your jobs seen by as many people as possible. The problem with multiple job postings is the cost. The more jobs you post at each website, the more you have to pay for their services. You want a solution that offers free job posting distribution service. This is where some creativity, social networks and doing some reciprocal linking to websites will help out.

Free Job Postings At Social Networks

Social networks have huge audiences even if they are not targeted. A good way to make sure you have the right audiences is to get a list of followers that are looking for jobs. Posting job ads in Facebook might be one way to get some attention. Another way is to create a contest where the winning entries get the job positions. As unconventional as it might sound, companies have already gone to Youtube to implement these contest employment strategies. Using websites like LinkedIn can also build a list of qualified employees.

For job seekers, you can create your profile and allow recruiters to see your skills and resume. You can upload your resume to the site. If you add a resume, that will help the recruiters see your previous employment and job experience. The more detailed your profiles are, the better the recruiters can assess if you are qualified for their positions. Learn more about posting a resume at Facebook.

Reciprocal Linking

Contact websites that are related to your employment niche and offer to write an article or give a reciprocal link in exchange for a chance to post your available job positions. This option does not always work but it is free and requires minimal work on your end.

Outsourcing for Recruiters

To get your work outsourced to reliable workers, consider oDesk, a place where you can hire, manage and pay a work team without having their presence in your office. Make offers and watch as contractors show you their profiles and qualifications. Pick the one that suits your own needs at the most affordable prices. Read more about outsourcing to improve your productivity.