The Resume That Gets The Job

Are you confident enough with your resume when you hand it over to recruiters and potential employers? Maybe you should hire a resume writing service or have someone who works in that industry look it over. Make sure they are qualified enough to give a good critique. Asking a doctor to read your resume for an engineering position is just counterproductive. If you need to overhaul your resume or just start from scratch, resume writing services will help you get started.

What Does A Good Resume Get Me?

A resume represents the key to get through that employment door. So it better fit. A good resume tells your future employer that you can add value to their company and that they better hire you first or else their competitors will snatch up your talent. It cannot be passive and has to engage the reader throughout. You can write a resume like a story filled with bullet points that build up your case. Some people do this through a chronological ordering of the resume. The point is to make it so they spend more than 10-15 seconds glancing. So how do you do it? How do you get the right key?

  • Find out what the are proper keywords that employers will search for when looking for someone to fill that position. That means you look at other people’s resumes (preferable ones that were successful) and modify it to fit yours. I am not advocating plagiarism. In the end, you must be able to express the credentials you have written out on that resume during the interview.
  • Learn how to use spell check and grammar checkers. A spelling or grammar mistake is like a zit on your nose. It is visible and anyone who is not staring at it is just being nice.
  • Read your resume and read it out loud. By doing this, you can eliminate a lot of mistakes that a computer will skip over.
  • Order your work history, duties and projects into a story. For example, you can write, in bullet point form, how you managed a small group of people and then with more experience, you were able to manage a larger group of people with positive results. This shows you were able to grow your experience. If you write out a resume where you continued to do with the same things over and over, it is hard for the employer to imagine how the company will grow if you are not able to. Showing your ability to grow is a great way to implant that impression into the employer’s minds.

Finally, all you should think about when writing a resume is how to get that interview, not the job. The job comes a lot later after interviews, background checks and additional interviews. Focus on that.

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