Unconventional Jobs for Women

Compared to a few decades ago when women were almost always limited to the choice of becoming a teacher, secretary or nurse, the work field has opened dramatically and presented near limitless career fields for women to train for and work in. While many women still work in the service industry, more women are beginning to explore non-traditional occupations that have, until very recently, been filled almost exclusively by men. For women interested in more unconventional jobs, the benefits can often include flexible hours and higher paying salaries.

Women And Trucking Jobs

Some women are swapping a job at the office for something a bit more exciting in the trucking industry. Over-the-road truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods, foods and other products to towns and cities all across the country. While driving an 18-wheeler has traditionally been a job that young boys often dream of doing when they grow up, more women are beginning to don the trucker cap and take hands-on job in the transportation industry alongside their male counterparts. Training, which requires students to earn a CDL (commercial drivers license) can be completed in a matter of weeks. Employment rate for truck drivers, heavy equipment drivers and public transportation drivers is growing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Drivers earn a median wage of $14.00 per hour.

Animal And Pest Control For Women

Pest control and animal control is another career field that more women are beginning to choose as a viable career opportunity. Exterminators and pest control technicians specialize in ridding homes, commercial buildings and public areas of insect and animal problems, some of which may be dangerous or destructive to people and property. Training is usually conducted on the job, and women entering this field can expect to work as a technician assistant for a few years. Basic college courses in sciences, such as chemistry or biology, as well as strong communication and customer service skills are a plus.

Women And Small Engine Repair

Another unconventional career field for women who are mechanically inclined is small engine repair. A mechanic that works on small engines can expect to fix everything from a lawnmower to expensive motorcycles; the sheer variety of machines that come in for repair keeps this job from ever seeming boring. Women considering a career in small engine repair will have to take classes at a technical school or community college for up to two years. Average median wage for small engine mechanics is about $15.00 per hour.