What do Pressers do?

Pressers activates pressing machine to remove wrinkles from garments and flatwork items, or shape, form, or patch articles. Activates and adjusts machine controls to regulate temperature and pressure of rollers, ironing shoe, or plates, according to specifications. Selects, installs, and adjusts machine components, including pressing forms, rollers, and guides, according to pressing instructions, using hoist and hand tools.

Removes finished pieces from pressing machine and hangs or stacks for cooling, or forwards for additional processing. Moistens materials to soften and smooths and straightens materials with hands, to prepare for machine pressing. Cleans and maintains pressing machines, using cleaning solutions and lubricants. Hangs, folds, packages, and tags finished articles for delivery to customer. Applies cleaning solvents, and brushes materials made of suede, leather, and felt, to remove spots, and raise and smooth nap.

Shrinks, stretches, or blocks articles by hand, to conform to original measurements, using forms, blocks, and steam. Sews end of new material to leader or to end of material in pressing machine, using sewing machine. Examines and measures finished articles to verify conformance to standards, using measuring devices, including tape measure and micrometer. Presses materials, such as garments, drapes, and slipcovers, using hand iron.

Positions materials, such as cloth garments, felt, or straw on table, die, or feeding mechanism of pressing machine. Lowers iron, ram, or pressing head of machine into position over material to be pressed.