What do Ushers, Lobby Attendants, Ticket takers do?

Ushers, lobby attendants and ticket takers sell and collect admission tickets and passes from patrons at entertainment events. Greet patrons attending entertainment events. Examine tickets or passes to verify authenticity, using criteria such as color and date issued. Guide patrons to exits or provide other instructions or assistance in case of emergency. Maintain order and ensure adherence to safety rules. Provide assistance with patrons’ special needs, such as helping those with wheelchairs. Direct patrons to restrooms, concession stands and telephones. Refuse admittance to undesirable persons or persons without tickets or passes. Settle seating disputes and help solve other customer concerns. Assist patrons in finding seats, lighting the way with flashlights if necessary.

Search for lost articles or for parents of lost children. Count and record number of tickets collected. Operate refreshment stands during intermission or obtain refreshments for press box patrons during performances. Verify credentials of patrons desiring entrance into press-box and permit only authorized persons to enter. Distribute programs to patrons. Schedule and manage volunteer usher corps. Work with others to change advertising displays. Manage inventory and sale of artist merchandise. Give door checks to patrons who are temporarily leaving establishments. Manage informational kiosk and display of event signs and posters. Page individuals wanted at the box office.