Working for Lowes in a Sluggish Economy

There is a misconception that you have to be a home repair expert in order to work for Lowe’s. Although having a background in home improvements can help you advance in this type of work setting, it is not necessarily a requirement to get hired at Lowe’s. When the company has openings, it offers neighborhood jobs for people who excel in customer service, as well as those who are willing to learn new things.

Experience Needed

The amount of experience and education needed depends greatly on the position being applied for. A general part-time salesperson might require a high school degree, while a more specialized or managerial position can often require a college education. The more inexperience you have in a retail setting, the more likely you need some form of higher education. There are opportunities in regular sales, as well as department and store management.

Lowes A Place To Learn

An interest in home improvements is a must at Lowe’s, and workers are guaranteed to learn a great deal of information. Not only does this improve your customer service skills with shoppers, but this will also help your chances of promotions throughout your career. From painting and lighting, and plumbing and gardening, there is a lot to learn in this job. The more open you are to the information handed to you, then the more likely you are to succeed. Lowe’s does not charge employees for any of the training or skills given to them, as this comes with the job.

As with other kinds of neighborhood jobs, there is a great deal of job competition in many Lowe’s stores. This is especially the case in more economically deprived areas, such as Nevada and Florida, where former contract workers scramble for jobs in which they have some expertise in. Retail tends to be a more secure career field compared to others because it is not likely to go away anytime soon. Full-time employees also have the added advantage of health insurance and other benefits. Job applications for Lowes can be done online or by filling out a form at your local store.

At the same time, there tends to be a high turnover at Lowe’s compared to other kinds of careers, but this is a trend within the retail industry. Retail houses employees with a vast array of backgrounds. Some people quit because they go to school, try out another field, or simply because they want better pay than Lowe’s can offer them. Working at Lowe’s can also require physical work, which some employees do not care for.